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Engineering Calculator Policy

Effective September 2023

Unless otherwise explicitly specified by the instructor of a course, the Faculty of Engineering permits students to use the non-programmable and non-wireless-connected calculators listed below while writing their exams.  

  • Casio FX-991-MS
  • CASIO FX-300ES Plus CASIO FX-991ES Plus C 
  • Casio FX-300MS
  • Texas Instruments TI-30Xa
  • Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS

For greater clarity, the following calculators are prohibited from being used during an engineering exam, unless explicitly allowed by the course instructor:

  • Any programmable calculator, meaning a calculator that allows students to create and store a software program.
  • Any wirelessly-connected calculator, meaning the calculator can communicate with other devices, including but not limited to using Bluetooth, WiFi, SMS, and cell phone networks.
  • PDAs, cell phones, smart phones, tablets, and computers. 

Placing a device in a mode of operation that disables the forbidden functionalities (for example, setting a cell phone into airplane mode to disable wireless connectivity) does not make it acceptable to use as a calculator in an engineering exam. 

Using a prohibited calculator during an exam is automatically considered cheating and any student guilty of this will be dealt with in accordance with the Lakehead University policy on academic dishonesty. Consult the Lakehead University Regulations for full details. 

It is the student’s responsibility to acquire a permitted calculator before an exam, and to contact the course instructor before the exam if they are uncertain as to whether or not their calculator is acceptable.  


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